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Maria b 1742KT
Winter Collection 2023

Fabric Best Quality Linen 3pc

  1. Front Full Heavy Sequence Embroidered
  2. Neck Heavy Embroidered Patch
  3. Sleeves Heavy Embroidered
  4. Bottom Heavy Embroidered Patch
  5. Trouser Heavy Embroidered
  6. Bamber Chiffon Heavy Embroidered Dupatta


Welcome to  Pakistani fancy linen dress add to the winter store. Looking for an event that makes you feel happy? Look no further than our luxurious linen dress. Made from the finest materials, this dress is sure to turn heads. Whether you’re attending a formal event or simply want to feel like a million bucks. Our linen dress will have you feeling your best.
A new take on a classic silhouette. This light linen dress provides a relaxed, modern fit for an easy-breezy style. The delicate drape of the lightweight fabric and the A-line shape creates elegance. A flattering silhouette that never goes out of style.
Your outfit will take on all the springtime hues thanks to linen fabrics. The neckline and border of the shirts are adorned with exquisite flower embroidery. Simple linen bottoms with embroidered patches feature. The costumes include a wool shawl and a dupatta with a beautiful tropical pattern. This three-piece linen suit from the winter collection is terrific casual wear. It contains a light-colored patterned khaddar shirt with lovely embroidery on the throat.
A pair of pants from the Winter Collection has a patch sewn on the bottom. The fancy linen dress has a beautiful ombre color and pattern. Our casual linen dress attire will keep you looking and feeling fantastic. Whether doing errands or hanging out with friends. Our casual linen dresses are made from premium fabrics to hold up to repeated wearing. You’re sure to find the ideal dress for women with great fashionable styles and colors.
Don’t hold off any longer, please. Visit our casual dress section right away! We have several lovely dresses to choose from.
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